Boca Grande Fly Fishing Guide

Florida Fly Fishing Testimonials

Dear Austin…

I really enjoyed sharing the boat with you on my trip to Boca Grande and valued our time on the water. Being surrounded by feeding Tarpon, and hooking that 6 footer during the crab hatch, was truly incredible and something I’ll never forget.

Thanks for taking the time at the end of a long day to add that special memory of Boca Grande, and I’ll see you again next year.

–Ryan Hodges

Austin Lowder is the best fly fisherman and instructor I have ever met, and probably the best there is anywhere. I’ve never met anyone who can cast more precisely, tie more effective flies or find more and bigger fish than Austin. He’s a savant with a fly rod, a rare example of a man perfectly suited to his calling. He is also tireless. After nine hours of stalking snook in the mangroves on foot, Austin always looks disappointed when I suggest returning to shore for dinner. Austin Lowder is a man possessed by fly fishing and sharing his knowledge of this great sport with others. I have learned more about fly fishing with Austin over the past five years than many fisherman learn in a lifetime.  

–Tucker Carlson

Austin is an excellent guide and a terrific fisherman.  He is keen on presenting his clients with opportunites but equally comitted to making them better anglers.  I have been fly fishing all my life but I learn something new every time I fish with Austin.

–Tom McGuane  Mcloed, Montana and Boca Grande,Florida

I am a  dedicated tarpon fisherman and Charlotte harbor resident.  I have witnessed on many occasions the great lengths Austin is willing to go in order to find the perfect shot.  His moxy and ‘fish each day as if were your last’  attitude take him to places in angling that others often overlook. .  Austin believes that you don’t know unless you go, and from Tarpon to Snook Austin has helped chart the fly fishing opportunities throughout Charlotte Harbor.

–Charlie Madden