Boca Grande Fly Fishing Guide

Boca Grande Fly Fishing Report

Poon 2017-Boca Grande Tarpon Fly Fishing

CLIP0000210_0018451-PSEdit Gear up for some serious tarpon fishing this spring. I have some prime open dates. May 17-20, May 26-29, June 27-29, July 4-8, July 12-18. Call me at 941-815-0254 and lets go sling some poon!


Poon 2017

Get Ready for 2017 Poon season. I am awaiting the arrival of my new Chittum Snakebight flats skiff powered with a 50 hp Tohatsu engine with a Motorguide remote control unit mounted on the stern. This boat should weigh in under 600 pounds when it’s ready. The wind does not change the way this boat poles and the new spider platform will control your line while you simply focus on delivering the fly. Come down and #feedthefish with me. Poon chants!


Fishing Report – 2/16 – Wild Pig Charge!

Feed the fish or Feed the Beast either way I should not have walked past this beast! Full Charge, first a snort and then a leg kick and then full charge for my groin, I fend for my life with my Thomas and Thomas Solar 8 wt.! Photograph compliments of my friend Skip Herman who did not listen when I told him to put the camera away.

Yeah I caught some nice Snook this month so far too.  Sight fishing has been a blast! The temperatures have been average and the water is a bit tanner than usual but the Snook are sitting right where they should be.




#FeedtheFish, Boca Grande Redfish

“Red Dawn” Sweet tailing shots like these at low tides will keep you coming back for more. redfish fly fishing boca grande
fly fishing the flats, florida

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#FeedtheFish, Boca Grande Snook

A wise man once said, you don’t know unless you go! I know the feeling, and the snook fishing this spring should be great as spring brings warmer water temperature. Get down here and #feedthefish with some killer home spun flies. We have lots of rain in the system and the water is clear but stained with tannic acid. Snook are holding in the saltier zones and sticking to the ocean side flats, and flies that make noise are my choice. snook fishing the flats florida
Check out my Fly Fishing Videos on Youtube.

Feed the Beast – 11/10/15

Sambo the Snookmaster strikes again! Feed the Beast!!! Check out this mammoth Snook caught in Charlotte Harbor while fly fishing near Boca Grande with Capt. Austin Lowder. Congratulations go out to Sam Updike for landing this holy whale of a snook on an 8 wt Hardy rod and Abel Super 8 with 30 lb shock leader. We would love to thank our favorite leader maker, Suffix Invisiline, she did not chafe through our leader and to snook fisherman who don’t use circle hooks that is a minor miracle with a fish this size. The girth on this fish was astonishing and the gill rakers inside her mouth I will never forget. Keep your eyes on my website for the video release titled ‘Sambo the Snook Master’ where you can view the footage from this trophy catch.

Check out my Fly Fishing Videos on Youtube.

Fishing Report – 4/30/15

After an awesome winter fly fishing for Snook and Redfish deep in the Boca Grande backcountry we have changed our pursuits to elusive tarpon that are making their presence known. Chasing snook proved worthy over the winter with a number of snook in the 30-40 inch range being landed. My snook season ended with what was definitely the largest snook I have witnessed being caught. Sambo the Snookmaster and I estimated her weight at somewhere between 40 and 50 lbs and more than 4 feet in length. We landed this monster Charlotte Harbor snook outside the boat and never laid the fish on the deck.


Currently the tarpon fly fishing is tough due to an extreme front, but when the weather settles down we will be hammering them once again. Should be a great tarpon season, let’s hope mother nature remains cooperative. Stay tuned as we edit the video footage from this awesome trophy snook battle and healthy release.