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Feed the Beast – 11/10/15

Sambo the Snookmaster strikes again! Feed the Beast!!! Check out this mammoth Snook caught in Charlotte Harbor while fly fishing near Boca Grande with Capt. Austin Lowder. Congratulations go out to Sam Updike for landing this holy whale of a snook on an 8 wt Hardy rod and Abel Super 8 with 30 lb shock leader. We would love to thank our favorite leader maker, Suffix Invisiline, she did not chafe through our leader and to snook fisherman who don’t use circle hooks that is a minor miracle with a fish this size. The girth on this fish was astonishing and the gill rakers inside her mouth I will never forget. Keep your eyes on my website for the video release titled ‘Sambo the Snook Master’ where you can view the footage from this trophy catch.

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